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The Men's Team Canada (MTC) program introduced their new uniforms in which are uniquely designed.

 The jersey is a light weight knitted fabric with the entire design sublimated into the fabric, but has also been designed specific to the club – ONE TEAM. 

• 22 small leafs on the front of the jersey represents each player

• 22 small leafs on the back of the jersey represents the families 

• the front has CANADA across the front diagonally in an ATHLETIC style font

• the stripes up the arms and across the shoulders represent our country from sea to shining sea

• the six mini leafs on the sleeves represent the 6 on 6 system the team will employ

• the jerseys will have a string collar is what ties OUR team and OUR nation together from the support of your family and friends whom will be cheering on OUR team

• the numbers on the sleeves will appear between the lines on the arms

• MTC logo will be placed on the shoulders

• the back player number will appear over the leafs 

• the NBHAC logo will be placed above the back number 

The shorts are available in black or red with the CANADA down both sides and player number on the left thigh.  MTC logo with BALL HOCKEY is located on the right thigh.  


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