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Friday, 26 November 2021 12:27

Introducing MAC Our Mascot Featured

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Introducing MAC! 
The National Ball Hockey Association of Canada hopes its new mascot will inspire players to chase their goals.

MAC (short for MACkenzie) was chosen to embody the mentality of today's player who is working to achieve their dreams at the local, provincial, intra-provincial and international level of play.

"We're all associated with the one true power of coming together to accomplish our dreams, and within the NBHAC family, we dream it, we chase it, and we live it,"  Stephen Dockerty. High Performance Director who spent many years at the community/grassroots level of play in Beeton before attending provincials and now overseeing the Team Canada program.

Dockerty encourages all players to find their way at every level of play and to go for it, whatever their aspirations are. 

"Playing ball hockey shouldn't be for the elite; it should be for everybody and anybody who wants to play," Scott Jacobi, NBHAC director said. "The NBHAC is the place where you can do that."

MAC's strength, power, knowledge, smarts, determination and loyalty of working within team goals is synonymous with the NBHAC's vision and journey.



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