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WHERE THE WORLD UNITES for the World Master’s Over 35 Ball Hockey Championships in June 2019 at the home of Master’s Ball Hockey supremacy in Canada, Ontario and Mississauga will play host to the tournament.

The air of breathless anticipation and an unprecedented level of energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved as the best U35 nations in the sport of ball hockey plan, prepare and pack their bags to travel from various continental divides to play on the world's largest stage for the game's biggest prize. 

The tournament will be hosted June 4 to 9 at Paramount Event Centre in Mississauga and one nation will stand alone and accept the 2019 World Over 35 Championship trophy emblematic of global 'orange ball' supremacy in ball hockey’s Canadian hotbed.

Paramount (formerly Hershey Centre) is located at 5500 Rose Cherry Place and championships are in Rink 2 and can ONLY be accessed through ENTRY B. 

Spectators - must use the stairs to the right and proceed to the viewing area and there will be signs posted*
*will NOT be allowed to use the stairs leading down to the rink so please address this with spectators attending the tournament

For the Championships, we honour some of our builders with the naming of the divisions, Daniel Ranalli & Ken White for the men’s and Judy Ilcio in the women’s division.

It will undoubtedly be an event for the ages and one that will be remembered for generations to come...

For information on the championships, visit

Click here for the schedule

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Canada Cup Tournament ~ Men's and Women's

The 2019 National Ball Hockey Association of Canada Men’s Tier B, Tier C, Tier D and Women’s B/C Canada Cup of Ball Hockey National Championships will be played in Halifax, Nova Scotia the weekend of August 23-25, 2019. 

The event is open to Ball and Dek Hockey teams in North America. 

The tournament will take place at venues in Halifax and updates on competing teams will be provided and the event will guarantee four games for all the teams at a cost of $750 (Canadian).   

The deadline to register is August 2, 2019

The schedule of games will be posted by August 5, but anticipate to play two games on Friday and Saturday and elimination round may commence Saturday evening.   

For more information, please contact the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or the following for host inquiries and click here for the registration form:



The World Ball Hockey Federation will be returning to Nitra which will host the 2020 Men’s and Women’s Championships the week of June 20-27.


Nitra is one of the oldest town settlements in Slovakia.  The Nitra Castle is the most visited monuments and the upper town is comprised of a harmonious group of particularly well-preserved historical buildings, the Franciscan Church, burgher houses and art gallery.  A permanent exhibition at the Nitra Museum shows the history of the city, its surrounding areas and Slovakia. The Nitra State Gallery, the Gallery of the Young, and the Art Gallery present Slovakian works as well as temporary exhibitions by foreign artists. The cultural life in Nitra is very rich.

The areas around Nitra provide several interesting activities. A hiking path will take you to Zobor Peak (588 meters), from the top of which is a lovely view of this wine growing region. The region of Nitra attracts visitors by its protected natural riches and the national natural reserve at Zobor and the one at Lukpa are home to numerous species of animals and plants. The forest of chestnut trees in Jelenska Gastanica is particularly interesting to discover.

WBHF President, Domenic Di Gironimo, “the city of Nitra will be a wonderful home for the participants of the 2020 World Championships” he continued, “this will be a wonderful opportunity for Russia (Women’s) and the Czech Republic (Men’s) to defend the championships they won in 2018 in Russia.”

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WBHF Grows the Game

Bratislava, Slovakia - The World Ball Hockey
Federation (WBHF) continues its extensive expansion, as evidenced by the agreement with the Finnish company Street Games Ltd.
Street Games Oy, which organizes Telia St Hockey Tour tournaments, has agreed to work extensively with WBHF. The agreement is valid until 2023. Collaboration is part of the St Hockey Tour internationalization plan.
In the summer of 2018, the St Hockey Tour took place not only in Finland, but also in Sweden and Estonia. Signed cooperation will also bring to Finland an international junior event organized by Tapiola Sports Park in Espoo, on 24-26 May. In Finland every year Telia St Hockey Tour takes part in more than 200 teams and around 4,000 players. Tournaments take place across seven weekends throughout Finland.
"WBHF is an international organization with more than 30 countries, and our cooperation is an excellent opportunity for our company to expand the concept of St Hockey Outdoor together with WBHF across Europe." In Finland, we created a place for the concept of recreational sports and now is the time to expand it also outside of Finland, which also allows Finnish teams that are successful at the Telia St Hockey Tour to enter international tournaments, and we will start national team events in the near future, "details of Tedy Salutskij from Street Games Ltd.
"WBHF is proud of the Street Games Oy partnership joining our efforts to expand sport across Europe and bringing the best of both organizations to all street hockey enthusiasts. The success of the Telia St Hockey Tour is proof of this excellent concept of sport, "We are also excited about the participation of the Telia St Hockey Tour teams that compete at the WBHF events for men, women and youth (juniors)," said Domenic Di Gironimo, President of the WBHF
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Men's Team Canada Goalie Makes Quite A Bet



Hockey loving couple makes fantastic bet over outcome of Leafs, Bruins game

Some people become sports fans based on their geographical location, while others latch onto certain players or characteristics about a team, including players, logos or team history.

But for some individuals, the fandom can be started based on the team their parents cheered for. You probably know someone that was born in a certain province or state, but chose to go against the consensus because their father or mother grew up a fan of a different club.

Prior to puck drop between the Leafs and Bruins on Monday night, Paul Zernett , who cheers for the Leafs, and his wife Leah, a Bruins fan, raised the stakes with quite the bet regarding what team their newborn son will one day cheer for.

Okay, that's very, very good.

But what happens when the young boy reaches an age where he no longer wants to be "brainwashed" and decides to cheer for a team like, say, the Montreal Canadiens or Ottawa Senators? It might take some time, but boy, wouldn't that be interesting. 

What we know is the Junior Team Canada program will have a prospect in 16 years


The National Ball Hockey Association of Canada will be attending the inaugural 4 vs 4 World Ball Hockey Championships in the Men’s, Women’s and Master’s divisions being hosted from October 21 to 26 in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbeans.



Saturday, 10 November 2018 01:23

2018 World 3v3 Championships

The World Ball Hockey Federation's (WBHF) ongoing commitment to building and sustaining a long-term future of the sport of ball hockey for the players, fans, spectators and partners will be hosting the 2018 World 3v3 Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia the week of November 11-16.

The WBHF continues to ensure that the event experiences are among the best in sports offering 5v5, 4v4 in addition to next week's 3v3 championships for men, women, masters and junior tournaments U14, U16, U18, U20 and Girls U20 divisions.

For fans not being able to attend the Championships visit to catch the live action and for the schedule and statistics updates

Go Canada Go!

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Sarah Butterworth ‘We Will Always Remember’

On Sunday, October 28th there will be a short walk starting at 11 am from Sarah’s Bench at the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park.   Sarah would have been 50 years young on October 24 and 2018 marks the 15th year of her passing….below is an article written by Mauro Cugini in 2003 in memory of Butter.


The Vikings Women’s Ball Hockey team was established in 1988 when Harry Dion, a long time player with the Astros Men’s Ball Hockey team, founded the Vancouver Women’s Ball Hockey League (the VWBHL).  The Vikings, who originally consisted of a converted group of soccer players who played in the western ball hockey league, quickly grew to prominence and became a very successful team that consequently managed to out run and hence outscore most of their opponents.  

The team, which lost and gained different players over the first couple of years, eventually settled down with a core group of participants that included Sarah Butterworth, affectionately known as ‘Butter’.  She had played soccer, ice hockey, and ringette (and was an accomplished athlete in all of those sports), and worked out, so we knew we had our ace in the hole.  She could out run and out hustle anyone, but she was constantly trying to master the stick handling and shooting parts of ball hockey … she was always willing to try and learn and often laughed at herself when she lost control of the ball or fumbled a weak shot away.  They would often hear their coach yelling “Butter, two hands on the stick, and keep your stick on the floor” … she remembered for a couple of shifts, but then she reverted back to her own style, and that was just perfect, because they had other players who could shoot, stick handle, score goals, and get assists.  Butter thrived on shutting down the other teams players, and she valued her role on a grinding line.  Her attributes were displayed best in the National finals in 1994, when she played an important role after coming back from a serious knee injury that kept her out of the Nationals finals in 1993.  She was part of a gold medal winning team, but not just any team, it was the Vikings, the team that meant the most to her through her storied sports career.  

The unique nature of this team … they were friends, and really had fun together away from the game, everyone was accepting, and they were all at the age and a point in our lives where they gave lots of time to each other.  The Vikings kept on playing after 1994, and ended up in a couple more Nationals finals, but never winning anything more than Silver medals.  The team disbanded in 2001 because now the players had other priorities, family, careers, and new interests, and the “hey days” were over.  

Unfortunately, Butter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  The woman, who so reveled in her ability to run freely, was now saddled with the biggest challenge of her life.  She fought valiantly, and was able to have one last memory involving ball hockey.  The Sharks ball hockey team signed her as Coach/Manager for the 2003 season.  Butter was on the bench in Montreal for the Sharks championship run.  Her presence, both physically, and emotionally, was a big boost for the team … and her endless stories about the Vikings told with smiles and laughter, really set the mood for the Sharks to bond.  

We will always cherish her, and although she left us on October 30, 2003, at the precious age of 35, we know that her spirit will be with us in Ontario as we hope to smile and laugh again in her memory.  

In 2004 we introduced the Sarah Joanna Bostock Butterworth Memorial Award, which honors a female athlete who displays her qualities of sportsmanship, leadership, dedication and most importantly, love for the sport. 



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The Ball Hockey Federation is an interregional public organization established to promote and popularize the Russian hockey league as a sport, and to stimulate interest and increase the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle among the population, paying special attention to children and youth. FBH is a member of the World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) and represents the interests of Russian hockey in international ball hockey organizations.


President of the Federation of Ball Hockey of Russia - Sergei Viktorovich Gerasimov. Born in the city of Moscow, in a family of athletes. Pupil of the CSKA sports school for ice hockey. During the last 15 years she has been actively involved in Russian and international ice hockey tournaments. Multiple participant and two-time bronze medalist of the world championships in ball hockey in the national team of Russia and the European team. Since 2017, actively engaged in the popularization and development of hockey in Russia.

The main purpose of creating this sport is to attract children, teenagers and adult athletes to participate in the training and competition process in this sport, as close as possible to classical hockey with a puck. Anyone can participate in the game. Skating skills are not required, specialized equipment is not needed. This is what makes ball hockey easier for the child's perception and allows you to quickly improve your skills, thereby increasing self-esteem and giving confidence to your sports forces.

This will entail the development of players as athletes not only in this sport, but will also allow in the future as players from ball hockey to go to hockey with a puck or in hockey on rollers, and hockey players to continue their careers already in ball hockey. All this will enable athletes to improve their sports skills. Thanks to the use of a ball hockey, it is possible to play games on lawn covers, rubber coatings and concrete pads. Main principle remains - play anywhere and anytime. People like to play hockey, and ball hockey is the easiest way to get started!

In the plans of the Federation for 2018-2019: to recognize in Russia ball hockey as a sport, to open a network of schools and sections across Russia, to hold the European Championship, to hold annual All-Russian championships among children's, youth and adult teams, to open courses on training of coaching and refereeing staff, 


In Russia for the first time will host the World Championship on ball hockey. An unprecedented event, organized by the IPO Federation of Ball Hockey Federation, will be held June 12-17, 2018 in the Moscow Region, in the Ice Palace of the city of Dmitrov.

The holding of the World Hockey Championship was agreed and approved for holding in the territory of the Russian Federation with the International Bolling Hockey Federation (WBHF). The championship will be held in two categories (men and women) with 6 teams each.

According to the most conservative estimates, about 400 foreign athletes - participants and guests from Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Europe and Belarus will come to the World Hockey Championship. During the competition, the total number of fans of the Championship will be about 10,000 people, according to organizers' forecasts.

The list of invited guests is impressive no less: the governor of the MO Vorobyov A.Yu., First Deputy. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Titov VG, Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Kolobkov PA, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Medinsky VR, State Duma Deputy and President of the Russian Hockey Federation Tretiak VA, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Safonov O.P. ., Minister of Culture MO Kosareva O. V., Head of the Department of Tourism MO Zhilkina NM, Director General of FSUE Russian Post Strashnov DE.

Also stars of theater, cinema and show business are expected at the World Championship: Alexey Yashin, Sergey Svetlov, Larisa Verbitskaya, Irina Lachina, Liza Arzamasova, Alisa Tolkacheva, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Anna Churina, Lesya Yaroslavskaya, Irina Sashina, Elena Ksenofontova, Olga Zhuk and many more


Canada U20 Girls will compete in the Women’s B division at the Ontario Ball Hockey Association Showcase Tournament which has become the best Pre Season Tournament in North America for the Women’s division which will take place in Mississauga the weekend of April 27-29.


Canada will be in group B and may play teams from Alliston, Barrie, Mississauga, St. Catherines and Toronto as it is anticipated that there will be 8 teams in the division.


Canada U20 Girls will be participating at the inaugural World Ball Hockey Federation Championships in Nitra, Slovakia, June 25 to July 1.


For media inquiries or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Stephen Dockerty at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your Passion…Your Dedication…Play Like A Champion…Play Like Team Canada…Commit To The Culture of Excellence


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